1958 Establishment of Herrmann in Stuttgart (Bad Cannstatt) as the sole distribution partner of Wayne Oil Burners (USA) in Germany.
1960 Relocation of Herrmann to Waiblingen; production of their first "own" oil burners.
The first special purpose burners were developed for the gastronomy sector, meat plants, cooking installations and smokeries. We are still world market leader in this segment.
1961 Gas blower burner added to the product portfolio.
1967 Construction of a production and administration building with modern laboratory and training rooms in Waiblingen-Neustadt.
Beginning of the series production of oil burners for building heating technology.
1971 Conclusion of a sales and service partnership with a Shell Group subsidiary for the whole of Germany. The "Shell burner" becomes the synonym for reliability and ease of maintenance in the sector. It is only a matter of time until further European subsidiaries follow, and the Shell burner becomes an international model for success.
1985 Market launch of the oil burner series HL 50 with new innovative technical solutions such as compression-rigid fan (hybrid technology), unit design without baseplate, new service concept.
1990 Herrmann presents its blue flame burner based on the HL 50 burner series, for the first time using twisted air supply as well as a recirculation pipe protruding into the flame zone to allow for flame stabilisation in case of intensive smoke gas return.
1995 Market launch of the HLZ/HGZ 120 oil and gas burner series.
Herrmann transfers its knowhow from the small burner sector to larger output ranges thus demonstrating worldwide the scalability of hybrid fan technology for the first time.
1996 At the "First International Conference on Small Burner Technologie" Herrmann publishes a study with the title "Free Mix" which deals with the combustion of EL heating oil in a pre-mixing line burner. Further lectures are held at international conferences dealing with the topics: "Quasi homogeneous combustion of EL heating oil" and "Modulating blue flame burners". Thus, Herrmann can further enhance its reputation as a key supplier in the small burner sector.
1997 Certification of the quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001.
2000 The successful burner series HL 50 is replaced by the HL 60 series which offers further improvements regarding fan technology, ease of adjustment, tightness of the burner housing and service concept.
2000 Development of the "ultra-compact oil burner" HL 40 as the "little brother" of the "Shell burner", in particular for the market abroad.
2001 The whole product portfolio is adjusted to a new design.
2003 Development of a compact one/two-stage and modulating pre-mixing gas line burner for absorption-type refrigerating plants.
Further application alternatives within the building heating technology follow.
2004 Certification of the quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.
2007 Ralph Herrmann and Dr. Stephan Herrmann become the managing directors of Herrmann GmbH & Co. KG.
2008 On 1 August 2008, Herrmann celebrates its 50th anniversary.
2008 Market launch of the 2-stage blue flame burner series HLZ 45 with speed-controlled EC fan. With this burner, Herrmann sets new standards regarding controllability, pollutant emissions, energy efficiency and the operating concept of oil burners.
2009 Intensifying of the development work for the modulating blue flame burner HLM 35. Starting of a development cooperation with a renowned system supplier from the automotive sector for the development of a controllable oil pump.
2010 Certification of the quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.
2012 Replacement of the successful HL 60 burner series by the HL 60 series (new generation).
In addition to the constructive detail improvements of the proven concept, the sealing solution of the burner housing is fundamentally revised, and further options for the connection of the burner to standard air-exhaust systems are created. This is the second round of the success story of our compact burner series.
2013 Presentation of our modulating blue flame burner HLM 35.
At the ISH in Frankfurt, the modulating blue flame burner HLM 35 and the modulating oil pump MDP are presented to our customers for the first time: This is a quantum leap with regard to the controllability, starting behaviour, energy efficiency and pollutant emission of oil burners.