Design and Development

Meeting individual
customer needs
is our strength.

With the latest software and hardware, our experienced designers create efficient, economical and future-proof burner solutions for our OEM and wholesale customers.

In this stage, we also advise our customers regarding possible designs for heating chambers and exhaust systems, as well as how equipment can be appropriately combined to achieve the perfect starting behaviour, emissions, flame stability and noise level.

We provide a wide range of modular burners to meet your needs. But we go even further—we also create completely new designs for our customers that are suitable for particular boiler situations.

Here, our competent and independent engineering company Supart stands at the ready.

Konstruktion & Entwicklung
Red Box Brenner

In the development phase, our engineers already start making use of our in-house testing lab. This enables them to consider specific results that are relevant to the design at an early stage. As a result, the product can be optimised for maximum efficiency.

Of course, we also provide our customers with a variety of other services:

  • Prototype testing at our certification centre
  • Expert service for long-term on-site contracts
  • Customer-specific installation and operating manuals
  • Development of packaging adapted to the supply chain (single- or multiple-use systems)
  • Tailor-made communications interface for superordinate boiler control
  • Training seminars including relevant documents