Neue modulierende Ölbrennerpumpe MDP
für OEM Partner.

Ölbrennerpumpe MDP

Idea and construction of the pump:

The MDP oil pump meters the fuel mass flow linearly and continuously within the modulation range of 3:1. Regardless of the nozzle size, the amount of fuel injected results from varying the piston stroke.

Key features of the pump:

  • Modulation range 3:1
  • Volumetric oil regulation
  • Insensitive to air or oil bubbles on oil supply
  • Motor pump unit with integrated drive electronics
  • Electronic control concept
  • Energy saving magnetic drive
  • Available from 2021

Two pumps in one

A prefeed pump with venting function and the high pressure pump with metering function are combined in one housing. Each of them has its own direct magnetic drive. Since the metering function is completely decoupled from the oil circulation, the pump is highly insensitive to inadequate oil supply systems.
Only 100% vented fuel reaches the high pressure pump and thus the pressure outlet. Air sucked in can completely escape via the return. Even dry suction during initial start-up is therefore possible without any problems. Due to the design the moving parts of the pump are only exposed to low mechanical stress.

The constant liquid film between the piston and the piston guide ensures sufficient lubrication even with less lubricious media such as synthetic fuels (HVO, x to liquid). All components in contact with the media are made of plastic or stainless steel and are therefore extremely corrosion-resistant.

More details are shown in our brochure on this homepage under section documentation.