Managing Director Gerhard Herrmann deceased.

Gerhard Herrmann

We have a sad duty to inform you of the death of our manager and father. Mr. Gerhard Herrmann died on October 13, 2020 after a long and serious illness at the age of 77.

For almost 60 years he was a member of our company as managing director. Of course, we experience this farewell not only as a business loss, but also as a great human loss.

We look back gratefully on the years of the past we spent together and remember many situations with our father, who always put himself at the service of our overarching task with all his dedication. He was well known through his work.
It is hard to lose a loved one, but it is comforting to see the love, friendship and respect shown for him.

Thank you to everyone who felt connected to us and who expressed your sympathy in so many ways, as well as everyone who accompanied him on his last journey.