Modulating oil burner HLM 35 – The new, climate-friendly generation of oil burners.

Modulierender Ölbrenner HLM 35


The heart of the oil burner is the modulating MDP oil pump. It meters the fuel mass flow linearly and continuously within a modulation range of 3: 1. The dosing function is not in the nozzle, but in the pump, which delivers a defined volume per stroke and thus doses volumetrically according to the variable stroke length. The MDP is designed in such a way that no air bubbles can reach the nozzle. This is a decisive advantage, especially with blue burners in the low load range, because the flame is protected from interruptions in the oil supply in this way.

Key features:

  • Modulation range 3: 1
  • Volumetric oil metering
  • Electronic fuel / air network
  • Insensitive to air bubbles in the oil supply
  • Intuitive operating and control concept via display
  • Motor-pump unit with integrated drive electronics
  • Low electrical energy requirement
  • Ideally suited for condensing boilers
  • The high atomization pressure, the selection of the starting point and the possibility of “mixture enrichment” during the starting phase enable the use of less ignitable fuels, such as biodiesel with a high FAME content
  • The use of corrosion-resistant materials within the pump makes the burner insensitive to water retention in the fuel
Modulierender Ölbrenner HLM 35